For dancers with little or no experience of Salsa, we will learn all of the steps needed to create a fun social dance with a partner. 
We will start by learning about the different styles of Salsa and how the dance has evolved. We will cover all the basic steps and techniques, how to connect with your partner and about the lead/follow connection. We will also practice how to find the rhythm and match our movements to the different instruments in the music.
By the end of the course, you will have learned a variety of partner work moves, individual solo footwork patterns and Salsa styling, that can be used on the dance floor. 
No partner is required, please choose either a leader ticket (male) or follow ticket (female) when booking. We will rotate partners throughout the class to give you the opportunity to dance with everyone.
We also have space for couples- if you prefer you can stay with your partner throughout.
Same sex couples are also very welcome. 
Minimum age 16 years.




Katie started learning Salsa with the team at Club Mago in Nagoya,  Japan.

After moving back to the UK in 2012, she trained intensively and started teaching Salsa and Bachata at a number of venues across London.

She currently teaches for Ritmo Latino at Bar Salsa, Temple.

As well as Salsa and Bachata, Katie also dances west coast swing and performs with the Jordan and Tatiana Swing Team throughout Europe.