New Over 50’s Ballet Class at Danceworks

Starts January 13th 2017, 6:00-7:15pm


Class taught by Tasha Bertram

Danceworks invites you to discover our new Ballet class for the over 50’s. All levels are welcome and whether you have danced before or not – you will gain strength, flexibility, poise and musicality.

Ballet is a beautiful and a highly technical dance form, but is also a body-toning workout and superb way to get into shape, whatever your age.

Whether you have danced all your life or are a complete ballet novice and want to try something different and a little challenging, and you are over 50, this friendly, accessible and gentle ballet class will improve your flexibility, strength and posture and also helps stimulate the mind and memory.
When we are middle-aged and more, we don’t always want to be in a class with a lot of youngsters and people watching. These classes aim to teach what a regular class would, but at a pace more suited to older dancers, in a private studio in our Mayfair location a few minutes from Bond Street tube. We look forward to welcome you to this new class taught by experienced teacher Tasha Bertram

About the Class:

The class will consist of barre and centre work. It will begin with barre exercises which, while warming up the body, will help you improve your posture and have better understanding of the correct use of the turn out. The centre work will build on the exercises done at the barre and it will consist of simple steps and combinations.
Class will be on Fridays from 6:00 to 7:15pm and cost £7 plus an additional membership fee to be paid at reception.


Dancer Alessandra Ferri, recently featured in No7 TV Campaign

About Tasha:

Tasha Bertram MRBSoc., Senior teacher and examiner with the Russian Ballet Society.

Tasha’s career has been vivid and consistent, working as a soloist with La Compangnia Balletto Classico and dancing lead roles with The London City Ballet for ten years. Her development as an artist led to a career in acting and film production and she later founded her own band, ‘Winnet’; A joyous display of music incorporating jazz, blues, fado and theatre.

Now a freelance teacher in London, she regularly teaches at Dance Attic, Dancecentre, Central School of Ballet and The London Ballet Company. Tasha held the position as head of ballet at The London School of Economics for seven years, choreographing her own works performed at the Peacock Theatre and teaching non-dancers and beginners of all ages and abilities. 


Benefits of ballet

There is no age barrier to learn to dance and the long-term flexibility benefits of ballet are excellent. Ballet classes will help to: 

  • Develop and maintain your flexibility. The combination of strength and flexibility  is what keeps a body healthier and stronger for longer, and more resilient to injury.
  • Work both your body and your mind. The physical and mental challenges of ballet can improve vitality
  • Gain confidence in your body You will feel more supple and poised
  • Learn musicality Ballet is practiced in harmony with music. You will learn to draw energy from it, count it and live.
  • Feel a new energy and forget your problems in a relaxed and quiet environment.

Come and experience our ballet class and enjoy this graceful and timeless form of dance.  

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