REVIEW -BalletBoyz- The Roundhouse, 1st August 2014

The evening was composed of three different pieces, all works created for the company by choreographers Liam Scarlett, Russell Maliphant and Ivan Perez. The UK tour of ‘The Talent’ ended with two final performances at The Roundhouse in Camden, which I had the pleasure of seeing on 1st August. Rarely do you see a triple bill that works so well as a whole show, this was accomplished with the use of video footage of interviews and rehearsals bridging the gap between each piece. the evening was cohesive and pulled in the audience into the world of the Balletboyz.

The new generation of ‘Balletboyz’ are a company of 10 male dancers, each from a different background and training, overseen by the originals, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt. The company is truly impressive; each of the 10 dancers perform in all 3 pieces, with no evidence of tiring over the course of the 2 hour performance.

Each dancer was given the opportunity to show their strengths, of which they all have plenty, but their was never the feeling that someone was out of place.

Whilst each piece had its own strengths, the standout piece was Young Men, a new commission, choreographed by Ivan Perez.

The performance showed an excerpt of the as yet unfinished full-length piece, to be premiered at Sadlers Wells in January 2015. With the 100th anniversary of WW1, and the 70th anniversary of d-day, dance has embraced the opportunity to commemorate the war, with pieces being shown by many companies. Perez’s ‘Young Men’ was captivating, emotive and above all masculine. It combined film and live dance to great effect, really drawing in the audience, so that you dare not blink in case you miss something.

Needless to say I have already bought tickets for the show in January, see you there!

Greta Wright Danceworks Studio Hire Manager