Billy Elliot Review

June 1, 2012


Billy Elliot is an international phenomenon that tells the story of a working class boy caught up in the political and social strife of a Northern mining town, and his struggle to express himself in dance despite a macho culture apparently making that an impossible dream. It seems to touch the heart of everyone who watches it, as that part of themselves that longs for expression and courage is felt.

When Elton John saw the movie, he dreamed of a stage musical version that has now been seen by over 7.5 million people worldwide, and it has inspired thousands of boys to dance

Danceworks is delighted to host the ‘Billy Summer School’ rehearsals each year, and we asked Billy if they would donate two sets of tickets for a Danceworks competition and they kindly agreed. The lucky winners saw the show in May. Here are their verdicts:

“As the curtains went up, and a little boy stood on stage with a lollipop in his hand, my heart started thumping excitedly. Truth of the matter is – it didn’t stop for the rest of the show, and then some. Billy Elliot is an amazing, moving, beautiful and enthralling musical. I can’t remember when last I had so much fun!

Taking us 30 years back to a crucial time in English working class’s history, the show presents Billy’s struggle for self-fulfillment along side his community’s struggle for survival, both of which are no less relevant today, both of which inspire us to live our lives under our terms, even under difficult circumstances.
Those two stories were not the only captivating things about the musical-
The music, the costumes, the set, and the DANCING! It was an absolute joy!”
Anna Schlonsky



“Billy Elliot, is a refreshing show based on a dream becoming a reality beyond all odds. Positive and inspiring. The child actors were beyond impressive. I found the dream sequence between Billy as a child and his adult self beautiful, magical and uplifting. Touching in concept and executed with grace and humor. Simple fun for the whole family.With Gratitude.”
James Palamara