The eyes of the world are on London now,hoping to witness great moments in sporting history. All the athletes have devoted their lives to be here in this moment, and they deserve our awe and  admiration.

At Danceworks we believe that DANCERS ARE ATHLETES TOO.
Some people may think that dance is easy, unlike sport.  But the beauty of dance is that it gives the illusion of being effortless – whether ballet or street – and that takes extraordinary hard work and dedication to achieve. This Olympic summer we are celebrating dancers, and their commitment, passion and endurance, as well as that of the athletes.

Meet our Danceworks Ambassadors – Members and Staffers – who are all living proof that Dancers Are Athletes Too! Click on the photo to read about each of our ambassadors and their love of dance.

Cherise Collings(Danceworks Reception Manager(joined 2005) and Dancer) Claire Priestley (Danceworks Member since 2009,

Director of Application Management, City University London)

Mariam Hassan 

(Danceworks Member since 2007,

Charity Project Worker/Teacher)

Kirk Patterson 

(Danceworks Staffer (joined 2011) and Dancer/Actor/singer)

Paige Williams

(Danceworks Staffer (joined 2012), and Dancer)


We are very grateful to our production team members for their contribution, creativity and talent without which this project would not have been possible. Also, we would like to say a big thank you to Capezio and  for providing clothes for this photoshoot.

Photographer / Anna Kiss

Anna studied an MA in History in her native Hungary before moving to London, UK. Having travelled extensively in South America and Asia, she took up photography and went back to study at the City of Westminster college where she recently graduated in Photography.
She has also worked as a photojournalist for the Jakarta Post, Indonesia and collaborated on an award-winning book about Thai markets. Anna is herself a dancer, and has a huge passion for dance.




Make-up and hair / Poppy Van Praagh!__fashion-shows

Poppy Van Praagh is a London based freelance makeup artist, as a versatile artist Poppy is experienced in commercial photography, music videos, TV/film and theatrical performances, Although she specialises in the fashion catwalk and editorial industry. Poppy aims to inspire the Avant-Garde fanatics with her unique fantasy designs and creativity.





Make-up and hair / Agnes Pataky

Agnes has worked for 5 years in a wide range of projects including advertising and TV commercials, theater performances, weddings, portfolios, magazine covers and editorials, fashion shows and catalogs, music videos and feature films.
Nietzsche’s words describe her love of dance –  “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”.




Stylist / Luca Halasi

Luca’s career as a fashion stylist started after graduating from Budapest College of Communication and Business. She started to work as a fashion editor assistant and stylist as an intern for Hungarian Glamour Magazine, and later as a stylist and a marketing specialist at a model agency. She moved to London in 2011. She says the current fashion is rooted in the past and points towards the future. It appears then quickly glides away like the dance. That’s why dance is one of her inspirations.