Every Man For Herself

March 13, 2013

‘Every Man for Herself’ – a new Musical Comedy at 

Rooftop Gardens Kensington
99 Kensington High St  London, Greater London W8 5SA

16th March 2013 – Entrance from 7pm, show at 7:30pm

Every man “Italy, World War II. Amidst the obstacles and the oppressive climate of a land ruled by dictatorship,
a small theatre company – a host (Jewish), a comedian (gay), a diva (feminist), and a few musicians-
are trying to survive poverty and the Italian society’s moral deterioration, entertaining its audience night after night,
offering them a brief escape into a world of music, comedy and lightness.
But the world outside the theatre becomes increasingly difficult and  hostile.
Mussolini is advancing its rise, leaving behind blood and pain.
How will our friends escape from the new climate of fear that characterized that period ?
… you will have to find out.
Every Man for Herself is a bitter sweet comedy
that will fill your  heart with glee”.
Book online – https://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/42655

This new musical comedy written by young playwright Dario Polmonari, involves the talents of Danceworks staffer Joseph Murray (as Director) and Anna Shlonsky (actor/dancer), as well as Contemporary Jazz Fusion teacher, Livio Salvi, who has choreographed the show.

On discovering that almost no one outside of Italy has a clue of what really went on in Italy during WW2, Dario decided to write something that was not only historical but entertaining. “There was a lot going on that most people would associate with Hitler’s Germany. There are rumours that those concentration camps weren’t Hitler’s idea at all, but Mussolini’s. In Italy, ethnic minorities were targeted, and people disappeared. But at the same time, we Italians have always known how to have a good time, so it wasn’t all doom & gloom….”

New Zealand born Joseph Murray is the Director of “Every Man for Herself” having arrived in London in 2012 after 15 years in Europe. His performance career has spanned from telling stories to the live accompaniment of a 70 piece philharmonic orchestra, to earning 9 gold & 3 platinum discs with the European based pop-group “ATC”. His theatre credits include “Cats”, “Miss Saigon”, Blood Brothers”, “Buddy” and his television & film experience has seen him onscreen with the likes of Shirley McLaine, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell and Fiona Shaw. This is Joseph’s directorial debut in musical theatre.

Livio Salvi has been teaching Contemporary Jazz Fusion at Danceworks since April 2012. He has had a very rich and varied career in the performing arts. As front man for pop-group ATC, his career started age 16 and includes film, TV and musical theatre. “To be a part of this production is just like any other professional gig I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of: exhilarating! The story is original, the cast is great and I’m really enjoying the challenge of choreographing to music that most people here will have never heard before.”

Israeli Anna Shlonsky hails from an artistic family, with her mother a professional singer and sculptor and her father a musician, performing artist and a painter. 
“Did I know that being a part of Danceworks would lead me to strutting the boards with such experienced professionals as Joseph & Livio? No. Am I happy? No – I’d say I was nothing less than thrilled!!! I took Livio’s Contemporary Jazz Fusion class, which led to him asking me to be a part of Every Man For Herself! I am honoured and excited beyond words!”

LIVIO BOW TIE Anna Shlonsky