Last night (Wednesday) I took my first Bolly Flex-Bollywood with Naz Choudhury and, as did all the other people in the class, i had such a good time.

For a couple of years now, I have been taking various dance classes at Danceworks, albeit previously I had never taken any formal dance classes. From the beginning, I have really enjoyed its environment, the great people at reception, the teachers, the other classmates, and learning new dances.


A few weeks ago I had the occasion to start watching Naz Choudhury’s Bolly Flex-Bollywood class.  It looked like everyone was having a lot of fun in there. Naz and his assistants were providing great, positive dynamic energy.  The music had a very quick, up tempo.  The way he was breaking down the choreography and linking it together made sense and could be followed by all.

So at the start of October, I decided to try his class which is Wednesday nights at 8pm.  Despite my lack of experience, the way Naz put the class together re learning the choreography and linking it enabled me to follow along.  Plus like everyone in the class, I had a blast and was tired in the end.

I highly recommend his class which mixes many styles of Indian dance to great music and taught in a highly accessible way.  It was definitely a great way to spend a Wednesday night.

Nick Street