Franziska Rosenzweig’s Ballet: Class Insight

October 29, 2012

Franziska Rosenzweig’s Ballet

Thursdays: 6pm (Beginners) 7pm (Intermediate) 8pm (Pointework)

Sundays : 1pm (Beginners) 2.30pm (Intermediate/Advanced)

Franziska teaches a range of ballet classes at Danceworks for all abilities. I tried the beginners’ class on Thursday at 6pm. I hadn’t danced ballet for nine years and so was apprehensive about taking class again, however the environment in Franziska’s class is friendly and welcoming and I found it easy to relax into the format of the class.

Franziska promotes a holistic approach to ballet; after more than twenty years experience as a professional ballerina and dance teacher she felt that there must be an alternative method of teaching that prevents the extensive wear and tear ballerinas endure. This method of teaching is particularly applicable for beginners – holistic technique allows students to adjust according to their physical limitations which helps to alleviate some of the common aches and pains often associated with ballet.

The class moves at a fast pace and some knowledge of basic technique is certainly helpful although not essential. Franziska is a very observant teacher, watching her students intently and suggesting helpful alterations which make the exercises feel more natural. My nerves about returning to ballet were quickly alleviated; although Franziska provides a challenging class environment there is no pressure to perform the exercises perfectly and she offered encouragement when the class struggled with some of the more difficult exercises. This lack of seriousness was perfect for me and I left with a strong to desire to improve. My love for ballet has definitely been re-ignited!