Classical Ballet with Hannah Frost – Class Review

February 22, 2013

Yesterday, I took my first ballet class with Hannah Frost, which, contrary to my thoughts going into the class, I really appreciated and also enjoyed.

By way of background, I’m a guy who all his life has played competitive sports. Only recently have I started exploring dance and taking formal classes.

At the end of last year, I started taking Hagit Yakira’s Contemporary Jazz class. I was an immediate convert to her way. During that first class though I kept hearing ‘plee-ay,’ ‘plee-ay’ and without understanding I just followed the others in the class. Afterwards I asked Hagit what ‘plee-ay’ meant to which she said it’s French for bending/bent.

As I have progressed along in her class, I have realised that not only do I need to learn basic terminology but also I need to learn basic technique. This is what brought me to Hannah’s class yesterday.

For someone who had no ballet background, I was really impressed. While she was very surprised at my attendance to her class, she was also very welcoming.

What her class confirmed to me was that an excellent teacher can translate what I’m sure can be very technical speak into plain English for a beginner with no vocabulary and no technique like myself to understand and follow. She did so with a funny sense of humour which was calming and created a relaxed yet focused atmosphere. She was energetic and clear in describing the technique and articulating (with humorous similes and metaphors) the ‘dos and don’ts ‘ of the movements, positions, and timing.

In the end, I walked away invigorated after 1.5 hours of focusing on the ‘now’ and on something brand new which was taught in a fun yet highly instructive way.

What began as an attitude akin to ‘taking medicine that tastes bad but is good for you’ turned into a really positive experience. I look forward to taking Hannah’s class on Saturday.

Nick Street – Danceworks Member