Hannah Frost

December 23, 2014



The improvers class is aimed at people who have attended a beginner class for at least a year, have a basic level of technique & are ready to try more challenging steps & combinations. Hannah started this class to bridge the gap between beginner & elementary levels. There is opportunity to ask questions & break down new steps. It is also suitable for those who are coming back to ballet after a long break & those coming back from injury who need to work more slowly. The class is not suitable for complete beginners.

Hannah is a very private person but her student’s comments tell you everything you need to know:

“Twenty years since I last tried Ballet, resuming the basic positions in front of the barre reminded me how elegant your body can be. Ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance and the combination between the beauty of classical music and the discipline of the exercises leads to increased awareness of your body’s movement. Each changing shape we practised enabled increased flexibility and grace.

In just one lesson, Hannah’s precise teaching showed me what can be gained from studying this discipline. She has a particular focus on students who have never danced before and she teaches them good posture, technique and musicality. Although the class is hard work, Hannah is quick to praise her students’ successes (and she has creative ways of doing this!). Hannah is a brilliant teacher and she iscapable of making difficult concepts fun and explaining them in simple terms”.

(Alice – Danceworks Intern from Italy)

 “I started ballet with very little dance experience. I admit the class was a challenge at first but Hannah is such a brilliant and wonderful teacher, it has all become so much easier! I really enjoy doing ballet.

“Felt stupid, out of place, ridiculous at first ‘What the hell am I doing at my age’ Now really enjoying ballet, great way to relax and tone up your body. “
(Yvonne – Nurse)

“Hannah is a brilliant instructor”
(Guy who had never done ballet before in his life)

“I love going to Hannah’s class. She makes learning hard concepts fun and I’ve definitely learnt a lot from her lessons. Highly recommended! Previous experience – next to nothing, job – Psychiatrist, totally unrelated. “

“Having never done Ballet before, I’ve found Hannah’s class has improved my physical strength and is very useful tool as an actress”
Lila Clements

“It has now been 14 months since I first set foot into Danceworks, I don’t know why I decided on ballet, I felt like a concrete slab and couldn’t dance for toffee but I must say that the last 14 months have been an eye-opening and inspiring experience for me. I remember the first ballet class I took at Danceworks, I was nervous thinking ‘Ian what are you doing?’ and then seeing Adrian Edmondson standing opposite me at the barre and then thinking ‘this can’t be that bad if he’s doing it as well.’ Well I’m still here and loving it, every Wednesday and Saturday three classes a week and more if I can, now that is inspiration, but if I owe credit then this has to go to Hannah Frost, she is one of the most inspiring teacher that I have come across, kind and thoughtful to the complete beginner, clear and concise in her instruction engaging and consistent, encouraging to new comers and regular students, attention to detail all the time with useful tips and advice of muscular pain and stretching tips. She’s not without humour but does demand your attention, which is fine and that’s how you learn. Lets face it if you can teach a bald dodgy looking 48 year old lorry driver like me to do ballet, you can teach anyone. Hannah’s classes are fun, pleasant and at the same time informative and are now a regular event in my weekly routine. Three cheers for Hannah, oh and to the friendly welcoming staff of Danceworks as well. Looking forward to the next 14 months at Hannah’s class.”
(Ian M Prater)

“For someone only used to Latin dancing and with serious back and hip problems I started ballet to improve my dancing as well as my posture problems. Hannah is fantastic to inspire someone who feels like dancing among swans”
(Jennifer Brenne)

“I have been in this class for 6 months, I absolutely love it. Good for the body and mind as well”
Alice May Purkiss

“Coming back to ballet as an adult has really helped me correct my ‘typical office worker’ posture. The class is really friendly and easy going but you can still get a bit of a ‘swan lake’ feeling in the adagios at the end. One of the most professional ballet teachers in London, Hannah makes ballet accessible to beginners and concentrates on the individuals; I can feel my skills developing with each lesson. “

“Ballet is a great way to exercise, its fun and hard work which is rewarding at the same time. My body shape has changed enormously since I’ve been coming t classes regularly, my legs appear longer and it’s much easier to wear heels all night long out in town. Hannah is also very encouraging and fun to learn from, I love her classes”
Agi – Violinist
“My physio suggested ballet as a way to strengthen my back; having done a bit as a kid I was enthusiastic to try it out again. Just two months later my back was stronger and more flexible, I felt more toned and fit and I became addicted.
(Neave O’Clery – PhD Imperial College student)
“I have enjoyed returning to ballet after many years. Hannah is a terrific teacher who sees everything and offers encouragement, with a dry sense of humour that makes the class fun. “
(Irene – Film Consultant)

“Ballet is the most demanding of all dance forms and a solid foundation is essential. There is no finer teacher for drilling the correct technique that is essential for more advanced work. Demanding, challenging, addictive and fun! Come and experience a whole new world.”

“I have done 3 years of Ballet and thoroughly enjoy Hannah’s class all the time. Class is fun and always interesting. Ballet is also relaxing too.”