Interview with our Tamara

August 30, 2011

Interview with Tamara Mckoy-Patterson
former dancer of the musical FELA

We want to show you how proud we are of our staff, and how talented they are. Our lovely Tamara was a dancer in the musical FELA earlier this year, and as the current show is ending at Sadler’s Wells today, we had an interview with her about the experience what she had in Fela Kuti’s world.

First of all, how did you get into FELA?

I auditioned for it, I was in The Lion King at the time. I had two auditions and then my agent called to say I got the job! YeY!

How was the rehearsing?

We had two weeks boot camp in which we learnt the show. It was a great experience both fun and exhausting. It was tough! But an experience ill never forget. Good times.

How many shows did you have during the week?

Well usually in the West End we do 8 shows a week but here at The National as we were in rep we did 4 or 5 a week but in between we rehearsed.

So it wasn’t as exhausting.

Lol! The show is hard work as well as fun! Its a high energy show and Fela’s music alone will make you want to give 110% it was electric! So by the time you’re ready to go home after the show, your body was like its Game Over! Until tomorrow!

Did you like the job?

I loved the job! To this day we still talk about it. The cast, crew, everyone! It was an honour! Especially working with Bill T Jones. It has been the best job I’ve ever done and I hope to meet and work with more incredible and talented artists!

What is your most memorable moment?

Wow, that’s a hard one! Everyday something would happen that would make us laugh. Whether we were in or outside of rehearsals or the show we had lots of jokes, lots of laughs, we were Kalakuta.
But one of the things I’ll always remember would be our Yellow Fever solo’s! Getting ready for that in the dressing room!

If someone asked why it’s worth seeing the show, what would you say?

Well, if you like music, if you are a musician, if you love jazz or afro-beat, if you love dancing, like a live show or concert I’d recommend to go to see FELA. It is everything and more. It’s energetic, the music is fantastic! People who haven’t even heard of Fela, just by going to watch the show, will become a fan for life.