les ballets C de la B

16th Tue & 17th Wed Sep, 10 AM-4 PM 



“They were founded for a dare in 1984, but les ballets C de la B’s mix of surrealism, slapstick and semiotics has made them one of the world’s most influential dance theatre companies.”

les ballets C de la B (Ghent-Belgium) in Platel in 1984. Since then it has become a company that enjoys great success at home and abroad. Over the years it has developed into an artistic platform for a variety of choreographers. The company still keeps to its principle of enabling artists from various disciplines and backgrounds to take part in this dynamic creative process. As a result of its ‘unique mixture of artistic visions’, les ballets C de la B is not easy to classify. It is nevertheless possible to discern something like a house style (popular, anarchic, eclectic, committed), and its motto is ‘this dance is for the world and the world is for everyone’. 

“One of the hallmarks of C de la B productions has been the way they take tough subjects and imbue them with wit and life-affirmation.”Luke Jennings, Observer

Platel often sets his works to noble music – Purcell or Bach – and this has the unexpected effect of giving his characters lyric flight without sentimentalising them.”Judith Mackrell, Guardian

“The key to its success is Platel’s flair for picking performers who can bring vulnerable nutters to life in a series of heartbreaking and hilarious vignettes, and to create a dramatic progression that seems to exist independent of narrative.”Louise Levene, Independent


This workshop will be taught by dancer Bérengère Bodin

Bérengère was born in 1980 in Fonteenay-le-comte, France. She studied at the CNDC in Anglers after her qualifications, produced “les mains moites”, a tribute to Samuel Beckett.She then joined other leading companies – Raimund Hoghe, Joëlle Bouvier, Carolyn Carlson and Euan Burnet Smith, Kubilai Khan Investigation, JoJi Inc Cy, Isabella Soupart and Robyn Orlin, before joining les ballets C de la B with “primero” from Lisi Estaras, then “C(H)ŒURS” and “tauberbach” from Alain Platel.

She also produced “Je connais des gens qui sont morts” and “Je suis un palimpseste et ce n’est pas un animal!..”. She also directed “Met dood voor ogen” for the Vocaallab from Luigi Nono. Bérengère has also made several short animation movies that were shown in Berlin:”Bonjour Mr Satie”and “Tulles und sein Schatten”. Bérengère acts for short and long movies and some of her credits include “words”,  “red room” from Isabella Soupart and “un homme à la mer” from Géraldine Doignon.

Workshop Description

Following a warm up, Bérengère will teach material from her beautiful solo from tauberbach. In this production, director Alain Platel vividly illuminates the true story of a Brazilian schizophrenic who lives on a rubbish dump, combining Bach with curiously tender choreography to extraordinary music from deaf children.

Bérengère teaches beyond the paradigm of good and bad and preconceptions. She will encourage and invite the dancers participating to feel and even redefine the emotions of life. This will be an opportunity to enter a world of not-knowing and she will work with individuals to examine their meaning and relationship to emotion, and this will be developed throughout the workshop. There will be opportunities to improvise, share and perform. This workshop is for those who wish to move to another deeper level in their dance and emotional expression

Participants must be 18 years of age or over. 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Price: £120*
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 Places are extremely limited for this workshop and will be booked on a first come first served basis.

We regret that Danceworks cannot make any refunds. Please make sure you can make the dates before committing to this workshop.

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