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Aglaia Hernandez-Kortis – Dance Injuries Specialist

Aglaia Hernandez trained in Performing Arts in Cambridge, after graduating, she danced around the world with 2 professional companies TM Dance and GRADS. She was also a dance lecturer at Middlesex University London. After sustaining and recovering from a car crash, she trained as a sports and dance therapist, specialising in traumatic physical injuries and developing and accrediting her own style of physical rehabilitation called Kiom therapy. Aglaia says: “I understand the physical demands dancing training and performing puts on the body.” Constantly turning out legs, hips, develop higher than 90 degrees, hold and smile!! Back bends, fast or slow, during performance, ballet, contemporary or hip hop, puts a huge strain in the lumber vertebrae, which if not stretched enough or decompressed by a therapist, could result in  high levels of pain, and injury. Dancers can’t afford time off, financially or from training. Muscles will take long to recover, flexibility affected. Therefore prevention therapy, massage, passive stretching, decompression of articulations is key to a long successful career, whether professionally or as a hobby, to prevent injuries and to allow your body to exceed physically.For more details about Aglaia go to her website or her Natureworks profile.“Since seeing Aglaia following a serious back injury, my recovery has accelerated allowing me to progress on a physical level much further than I thought possible, in fact beyond my prior capabilities. In a natural manner, emotional issues have been exposed and resolved as a result of improved coping mechanisms, whilst I have become significantly more balanced with an increased awareness of underlying connections and strengthening internal energy flows. This has had a positive effect for me in many aspects of life. Her charismatic, intuitive and considered approach creates an open, relaxing environment thus enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment.”
Hass, London.
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Jeff Lennard – Zero Balancing

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Zero Balancing is very good with dancers as it works physically with alignment and posture.

Internally it allows a deeper understanding of the body, a chance to appreciate where we are holding tension and encourages the ability to let go.  The unique style of touch when applied to bones and joints allows the client an opportunity to realign at the deepest levels. This especially applies to areas we have unconsciously held when compensating for injuries.

“Jeff’s work helps me understand, accept and heal my instrument” – Alexandra Desvignes, Dancer and Gyrotonic Instructor.

“I can still remember my amazement at the lightness and clarity I felt in my body after my first session with Jeff many years ago. More than any other bodywork I have experienced zero balancing compliments my work as a Gyrotonic teacher” – Elaine Puren, Gyrotonic Master Trainer and former dancer.

For more details about Jeff visit his Natureworks profile

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