Naz Choudhury’s BollyFlex

May 2, 2012

Naz Choudhury, the 28 year-old dancer, choreographer and businessman from East London, launched Flex FX in 2003, is the creator of the highly successful Asian dance spectacle Dhamaka as well as the producer of the Essence Spectacular and leader and choreographer of his own company, Bolly Flex.

With an attitude best represented by his favourite quote ‘A dream is a goal with a deadline’ as well as the combination of vision, creativity and passion, he has achieved where many people fail – to be successful and live his dream.

Danceworks intern Sandra took the chance to visit Naz’s Bolly Flex class during the Danceworks Open Day last Sunday to see for herself if it is as much fun to do it as it is to watch. Here is her verdict:

I have been to a rather feminine Bollywood dance class before which had focused a lot on smooth movements, the position of the hands and fingers as well as subtle gestures and sexiness, which was not really my cup of tea, because it was more about gliding from one beautiful posture into the next, shaking your bum a little and keeping an eye on your gestures rather than getting a chance to really dance and lose yourself in the music.

Naz and his class, however, showed me that “Bollywood is a form of world dance with a variety of styles”; it turned out to be all that I’d missed in that other class.

The songs he had chosen were highly energetic and made you really want to get into it and dance. His choreography was thrilling and dynamic with powerful movements and quick turns; combining moves that the fan will easily identify as typically Bollywood, with elements reminding you of Street Dance or even Hip Hop.

I would highly recommend Bolly Flex to dancers of all levels and especially encourage complete beginners to attend since Naz is a wonderful teacher who has an eye for spotting the passages that appear to be more difficult for the group and the patience and intuition to break it down in a way everybody can pick it up and get into the flow. What you can really feel in Naz’s Bolly Flex class is that one of his main goals is for “people to have fun, learn a new style and develop new techniques in their dance vocabulary”. Also, he creates a very warm, comfortable and fun atmosphere in which everybody seems to learn extremely fast and have one hell of a time.

Before the end of the class Naz even told us that “more than 70% of all the dancers in the Bolly Flex team started out as beginners and developed their way up to the main dance company” giving us the perspective of working our way up into his highly prestigious dance company. So, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, if you just want to get fit and have a lot of fun or if you want to get a chance to become part of Bolly Flex, Naz’s class is THE place to go.

Sandra for Danceworks