New classes this Autumn

Char metallic galabaya  Becky Barrett 8  bougi
Charlotte Desorgher
 Ballet Sculpt & Stretch
Becky Barrett
Hannah Ogahara & Ryan Ramirez
WEDNESDAYS, Starts 3rd September
Intermediate | 19:00-20:00 | £7 | Studio 1

A faster paced class for those who know the core bellydance technique, incorporating a lively warm up, the clear breakdown and teaching of more challenging technique, combinations and step patterns, the use of bellydance props such as veils and sticks and the chance to learn some of the many different and exciting bellydance styles.

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 THURSDAYS, Starts 4th September
General | 15:00-16:30 | £7 | Studio 3

A progressive fitness class with a strong classical ballet foundation. Pure and traditional ballet exercises are built up to develop a lean and toned muscle balance. Posture and alignment work is fundamental, helping to achieve a graceful poise and there is an emphasis on increasing flexibility and creating a sense of well-being.

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THURSDAYS, Starts 4th September
General | 18:00-19:00 | £6 | Studio 3
04/09 only £4 !

Ryan and Hannah have teamed up together to teach their brand of street dance with high energy and double the fun.
Their class places emphasis on musicality, dynamics, quality of movement and performance, whilst motivating students in a friendly environment.
From the warm up, which consists of a variety of social dances and grooves, to the class choreography.

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Hopal Sept20092 Brendon
Horton Technique
Hopal Roman
Street Dance and Commercial
Brendon Hansford
THURSDAYS, Starts 4th September
General | 17:30-19:00 | £8/£6 for students | Studio 3

The Lester Horton technique provides the fundamental tools needed in dance training for both professional and pre professional dancers. It helps to strengthen and increase the expressive range of the body through a series of exercises and movement vocabulary with varying tempos, rhythmical patterns and dynamic accents.

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THUR&SAT, Starts 11th September

Inter | 19:00-20:00| £7 |Studio 3
Beg  | 14:00-15:00| £7 |Studio 6

Brendon/Rudeye dance classes are titled: Street Dance and Commercial. You need to expect some of the most creative and modern choreography to date. Brendon is renowned for pushing the boundaries of all dance styles while making sure all dancers understand the foundations. With direct links to the renowned Rudeye Dance Agency if you want to be scouted for professional work then this class is for you.

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sandro1 (1) IngridBodyShot
Stiletto Heels
Sandro Franchini
Contemporary Jazz
Ingrid Mackinnon

TUESDAYS,  Starts 7th October

Inter/Gen | 18:00-19:00| £7 |Studio 6

Dancing in heels is essential for females (but not only) looking to dance professionally in the commercial industry! Class will begin with a warm up to be done barefoot, preparing the body for choreography done in heels. Sandro will focus on the lines of the body, maturity of movement, confidence, and sensuality. Always demanding a strong work ethic and professionalism, Sandro aims to push the limits of each and every student. He encourages his students to approach movement with risk,focus, intention, clarity and most of all passion!

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TUESDAYS,  Starts 2nd October

Inter/Adv | 17:30-19:00| £7 |Studio 11

This Contemporary Jazz class is based on emphasis and technique drawn from Ingrid’s experience as a student and performer in African, Ballet and Modern.

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