New classes Autumn 2017

Musical Theatre


Teacher : Livio Salvi

18:00-19:00/ General/ Studio 6 / £7 / 14+

Musical theatre jazz is a class open to general level students and will teach the fundamentals of basic modern jazz dance whilst developing greater balance, co-ordination,flexibility and strength. After a well rounded warm up, participants will learn a Musical theatre inspired routine from West End and Broadway musical hits from contemporary and classic shows, where they can let go, enjoy and learn to adapt quickly to many different musical theatre styles.




Dance Blast


Teacher : Matt Harris

18.00-19.00/  General / Studio 11 / £8 / 13+

Dance Burn Re-Tuned with Matt consists of High-octane, dynamic dance fitness for one hour. Using the fundamentals of Ballroom and Latin American dancing as inspiration, Dance Burn Re-Tuned augments those principles with a focus on fitness and fun! Expect to dance all your favourite styles such as Cha cha, Samba and Salsa, plus many many more. 






Teacher : Jo Cork

19:00-20:00/ Beginner/ Studio 5 / £7 / 16+

These classes are open to all and warmly welcome students to enjoy practice at their own level, however some experience of dance is recommended. Classes will begin with exercises and tasks to ground and centre the body before building into increasingly dynamic sequences and travelling combinations that will develop coordination and physical awareness of the space and our bodies within it. With an emphasis on dancing from the inside out, the classes intend to open up students to new movement vocabulary and to develop technique and skills with control and expression, with an encouragement for students’ individual and personal interpretation within the movement.

        Tone Up Pilates


Teacher : Martin Kelly

18.00-19.00/ General  / Studio 3 / £8

Pilates is a very precise and intelligent exercise system, where the message is ‘Quality, not Quantity’.  It can strengthen and align core postural muscles, restore your natural balance and help your mind attune to what your body needs. Quite simply, Pilates will make you feel, look and move better than you ever have before.Tone Up Pilates makes use of Pilates Resistance Ring in order to increase the intensity of exercises as well as targeting specific muscles and areas that are difficult to train. Tone Up Pilates is physical fitness system of focused exercises connecting the body and mind to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. This type of exercise suits all range of clientele: from those whose work demands too much sitting; to those who sit too little; from dancers, actors and musicians to sportspeople; from people with injuries and chronic pain to pregnant women; even to those who have never exercised before, and the list goes on.


        Santhosh Latin Fitness


Teacher : Edgars Menikis

19.00-20.00/  General  / General/ £8 / 16+

Santhosh means “happiness” in Sanskrit. And that’s exactly what Santhosh classes aim to deliver! An up-tempo hour of fun – a pulse-pumping mix of dance steps and routines (salsa, cha cha, street dance and zouk) that will get those hips shaking, heart beating and endorphins racing!

Santhosh have been running dance and dance fitness classes in London and luxury dance retreats in Ibiza for over 5 years, with stellar reviews from the likes of Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, The Times, FT’s How to Spend It and many more. 


        Beginners Tap


(From 4th October)

Teacher : Tasmin Taylor

18:00-19:00/ Beginner / Studio 6 / £7  / 16+

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or you just fancy dusting off your tap shoes and making some noise, beginner tap is for you! This class will cover basic tap steps,terminology and simple sequences in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.The class will run at a steady pace to ensure all dancers feel confident and comfortable  with the aim of progressing and developing to more challenging steps and routines. All levels are welcome.




(From 4th October) 

Teacher : Vladimir Kozevnikov

19:00-20:00/ General / Studio 6 / £10 / 9+

Learning Spinedango involves getting familiar with basics of mainstream Latin Dance Style including Chachacha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Salsa, Spanish Pasodoble, Brazilian Zouk. These styles are especially compatible with Spinal Health, which includes health and general health because these style have moderate to high intensity but they do not involve jumping which may be harmful to someone with back pain. They promote and enhance better mobility and a range of motion, of spine and joints.It is spine rehabilitation through dance and it is health through entertainment. Spinedango is dedicated to healthy spine and a better body performance.It’s aim is to teach as many people as possible the importance of good posture and body alignment. Through Spinedango you learn to maintain body flexibility and posture which will help you to understand how to make your  life better.

        Non-Stop Dirty Dancing Workout Class


(from 5th October)

Teacher : Paul Kitson 

19:00-20:00/ General / Studio 3 / £9 / 16+

Fresh & New! Dirty Dancing is the ultimate dance workout class. It incorporates salsa moves, the cha cha, mambo, giving you a full workout to beat the best of Strictly!You will fulfil your dance fantasies to latin, jazz and other themed dance moves from the film/ musical. You are guaranteed a fun time in class dancing to all the tunes you love including:Hungry Eyes, Do You Love Me and the classic; (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life. Constant movement, constant Swayze-worthy tunes, and constant access to the brilliant dance tutelage of Paul Kitson.





(From 28th September)

Teacher : London School of Bollywood

20:00-21:00/ Beginner / Studio 10 / £7

The London School of Bollywood are renowned for a sharp and slick style which incorporates the vibrancy, energy and impact of Bollywood dance. In these classes you will be taught exciting Bollywood routines to hit songs across a wide range of styles. We provide a positive and enthusiastic environment to ensure students from all levels are able to learn in the best way possible. Our instructors have accumulated decades of experience and will go through each move clearly and at pace to ensure you are absorbing all that Bollywood dance has to offer.The choreography is innovative and at the cutting edge of Bollywood. 




Commercial Pop


14.00-15.00/  Beg-General / Studio 6/  £7 / 16+

Teaher : Kane Foley

Kane’s class is a high energy, full out, fun commercial class for all! Whether you want to improve your fitness, learn different types of routines or scratch up your performance skills, this class will cover it all in a safe supportive environment. 

Kane is a graduate of the LR Mentor Programme and recently be signed as an instructor for the agency. He trained in contemporary and found his love for Commercial after being a principal dancer in the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Other credits include Pepe Jeans Campaign, Mighty Hoopla Festival and new Bollywood smash hit film, ‘Judwaa 2’.


 Men’s Skills, Pirouettes & Jumps


(From 7th October)

Teacher : Philipp Bolloev

15.30-16.30/  Int-Adv / Studio 10 /  £7


The class is focused on learning and mastering ballet skills (so called ‘men’s ballet tricks’), and combines several ballet schools and techniques, including Russian, American, and English. The class is designed for everyone of advanced or professional level, who has studied ballet and wants to further develop and improve technique, strength, and explore skills behind legendary performances, such as Rudolf Nureyev’s saut de basque from le
Corsaire, Mikhail Baryshnikov’s barrel turn jumps and double tours en l’air with extended combination of pirouettes from Don Quixote, Tetsuya Kumakawa’s and Ivan Vasiliev’s big grande double cabriole, Carlos Acosta’s revoltade en dehors and en dedans (known as ‘540 jump’), double ensemble
and double jeté entrelacé, and much more. 


New-York Floor Barre


Teacher : Nina Thilas-Mohs

12:30-13:30 /  General / Studio 1 / £7 / 11+

Based on ballet, the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique™ sculpts the body, creating beautiful, long, exquisite lines. It incorporates innovative dance movements with anatomical principles of alignment in a pure technique of solid placement. Floor-barre™ allows the dancer to feel how to work the body correctly – which muscles should be working, when and how, to centre the body. Alignment, transitions and posture can all be corrected or refined. It also increases flexibility, strength and fluidity.

 Classical Ballet


14:00-15:30 / General /  Studio 11/ £8 / 11+

Nina’s ballet class emphasises placement, spatial expansion, speed and lyricism. Her style is informed by the Bernal Method and American syncopated musicality. 

        Pointe Work


Teacher : Franziska Rosenzweig

20:00-20:30 Studio 5 / 20:30-21:10 Studio 10 / General / £8 / 12+

The pointe work class is suitable for beginner* and intermediate levels. We always begin with basic relevés and tendus exercises at the barre before you have the option to either advance to work in the centre or to continue to practice at the barre.

*at least one year of attending regular ballet class required

Born in Berlin, former East Germany, Franziska graduated at the top of her class from the State Ballet School Berlin, as a professional dancer in 1993. Her first contract was with the German State Opera Berlin where she was cast in soloist roles from the beginning of her career and danced the principal role in The Nutcracker in the second year of being with the company. She left Berlin to join the newly founded Peter Schaufuss Ballet in Denmark.