New classes in September at Danceworks

Tuesday : New Jack Swing


Teacher : Cindy Claes 

Studio 11 / 20:30-22:00 / General / £7 

Enriched by the the late 80′s / early 90′s Hip-Hop flavors, this class covers foundations and basics of today’s new style Hip-Hop technique. Focusing on “Hype” and “New Jack Swing”, this class will give you the opportunity to find your own groove and your own personality when dancing. While advanced students must be ready for a double-trouble sweaty workout, the sessions will also welcome beginners and make them feel at ease.  The class is tailored to be accessible to all levels in order to embrace the social aspect of the dance form!  On top of looking at technique, this class is also the perfect workout for those aiming to improve their stamina and general fitness level.


Tuesday : Box fit & R.A.W (Real Athletic Workout)


Teacher : Troy Dureh  

19:00-19:45 – Box fit / 19:45-20:30 – RAW / General / £5 each or £8 for both



Wednesday : Contemporary Jazz  (from 25th September)

Teacher : Ingrid MacKinnon

 Studio 5/ 16:00-17:30 / Intermediate – Advanced / £7 

Ingrid teaches her contemporary jazz class with an emphasis on technique drawn from her experience as a student and performer in African, Ballet and Modern. 


Wednesday: Commercial Hip Hop


Teacher : Dax O’Callaghan

Studio 10 / 16:30-18:00  / Intermediate – Advanced / £6

Bringing the styles of the working commercial industry to class for dancers to train in the craft in which they are heading. Commercial routines to help practise picking up combinations at audition speed, and also building your talent strong to be ready for the rehearsal environment on professional projects. Building your versatility in style with cool combinations taught at sensible speeds, this is one class to experience if you enjoy your dancing! A fresh, new routine every week so you can join class at any point.

 crop-photo-e1347378890971 Wednesday: Salsa

Teacher : Nelson Batista

Studio 5 / 18:00-19:00 / Beginner / £7

Salsa dancing is done on eight-beat music, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one beat, dancing for three beats, and pausing for one beat. The movement style is left-right-left-pause, then right-left-right-pause. During the pause in most salsa dancing some sort of flourish is utilized, be it a stomp of the foot, casting out the hand or kicking the lower leg. Salsa dancing is mostly a stationary dance, with little movement around the dance floor. Instead, dancers rely on the subtle movement of their legs and upper bodies to convey the energy of the dance. Its a fun and will put a smile on your face!

268889_10151586403949231_1954159581_n Wednesday : Naz’ Commercial Bollywood

Teacher : Naz Choudhury

Studio 10 / 20:00-21:00 / Beginner / £7

After the huge success on Sky 1’s Got To Dance, with raving reviews, gold stars and standing ovations ‘Bolly-Flex’ bring the world dance of Bollywood to Danceworks. Classes will be lead by renowned Bollywood dance specialist Naz Choudhury alongside members of the official Bolly-Flex team.
The class is intense and will show you a variety of styles in Bollywood dance, ranging from traditional Indian dance to urban Bollywood dancing. Recommended for males and females.
Open to the public and all levels appropriate. Bollywood experience is not essential however dance experience will help your learning as classes can be fast paced.
Class starts with an introduction goes on to Warm Up, Intensive, Stretching, Cool down/Close/Finish.
Wear comfortable clothing, that is not tight, avoid stilettos for footwear and any other hard inflexible shoes. Trainers and most dance shoes (except Tango shoes) can be worn.  Avoid extremely tight clothing unless these have a high percentage of lycra.


Thursday : The Tap Team  

Teacher : The Tap Team 

Studio 1 / 17:00 – 18:00 (Advanced) / 18:00-19:00 (Intermediate) / £8

Tap It Up with the hippest, most exciting new tap dance class in London. The Tap Team are four of the most talented and inspiring tap dancing choreographers currently working today. Douglas, Paul, Jenny & Joanna will be bringing a New York style, high energy, unique & creative dance experience with pumping beats & sharp moves. Two teachers at every session, so twice the fun.


Friday : African Contemporary 

Teacher :  Alison Ray

Studio 11 / 18:00-19:00 / General / £7

The class blends several styles of energies to create a unique style of Afro contemporary dance combining contemporary movement from Limon, and Modern styles for Horton technique, mixing this with the styles from western Africa from Guinean and the Ivory Coast. The class will develop length of movement, while creating undulating and syncopating movements to the various styles of music use in class.


Saturday : Classical Bollywood Kathak 


Teacher : Leena Patel

Studio 6 / 13:00-14:00 / General  
Leena Patel is Europe’s leading classical Bollywood dancer and choreographer, over the past few years she has created spectacular dance shows and musicals. She joined Naz Choudhury’s dance company in 2005 and in 2007 made her debut with Flex FX choreographing her first classical Bollywood act at the Royal Albert Hall and went on to leading Bolly Flex across the UK Europe and appeared in Got To Dance with standing ovations, raving reviews and gold stars all round, her most recent achievements where choreographing Bollywood Showstoppers and creating performances for Bollywood celebrities Bipasha Basu and Malaika Arora Khan. Leena is internationally renowned and critically acclaimed as a versatile performer.  
Leena professionally trainned in Bharatanatyam under smt Chitraleka Bolar since the age of eight and she completed her arangetram in 2001. To complement her dance skills, she also trained in Kathak for eight years, under the tuition of Sonia Sabri. Over the years Leena has further enhanced her versatility by completing many dance workshops and classes, varying from Kalari to contemporary dance.
And now Leena is bringing her skills to Danceworks and will be teaching her class every Saturday in Danceworks from 1pm-2pm. Classes are highly recommended to those who want to understand the foundations of Indian classical dance and also have fun learning the culture of her unique dance style. 

Saturday : Jazz Ballet (from 14th September)


Teacher : Milo Miles

Studio 5 / 14:00-15:30 / General / £9 

Beginner classes start at the Barre with simple strengthening exercises mixing Jazz and Ballet techniques lasting between 50-60mins. The remaining 30-40mins of the class develops Centre work including: basic turns, jumps and “linking steps” frequently used culminating with a short choreographic sequence. 
Please note that attendees to this class have had at least 1 years ballet/jazz training. Musical influences may include: The Art of Noise, Bliss, Buddha Bar, Chicane, Craig Armstrong, Hed Kandi and Musical Theatre.
His students soon learn; “Never, never, never, never give up” Winston Churchill


Saturday : Ghettokamp


Teacher : Darron Gifty

Studio 11 / 15:30-16:30 / Intermediate – Advanced / £5 

Class with Darron caters for those willing to step up their own dancing ability. Making natural connections with the music, this class will offer commercial styles, with influences of Jazz dance and Modern Contemporary. This class will have you working at an advanced level of moving.
Leave out your inhibitions and jump in.