Review: Livio Salvi’s “Jazz Fusion” !!

September 6, 2012

We asked our staff member Timothy, a trained dancer, to review Livio Salvi’s new intermediate/advanced Jazz Fusion class. Here’s what he said:

“For an intermediate/advanced level class the material and teaching methods were spot on. As predicted Livio expected a lot from the dancers that attended and taught a lot of material in large chunks with the presumption that we’d pick it up straight away which we all did. So I feel his teaching methods and dance material were very equally matched to the standard of dancers expected to attend his lesson.

What I loved about the class was how attentive Livio was to us as individuals. After each exercise he would give us all individual feedback to work on for the next time we did the exercise. The time with him was very valuable and resembled very closely the level of teaching I received at performing arts school, if not better, which I was very impressed about.

I think the name “Jazz Fusion” doesn’t do the class justice as I felt it was more contemporary jazz if anything. His choreography was the highlight of the class, very individual and linked closely to his own style of movement but at the same time accessible to all dancers.

I feel Livio deserves a large following. I enjoyed the class so much. I hope dancers will find the time between auditions and their jobs to get down here.”

TUESDAYS 3-4.30pm

Timothy for Danceworks