We love Street Dance at Danceworks and have nine unique and very different teachers giving classes.


A brief history of Street Dance.

Street Dance is inextricably tied to both Hip Hop music (or rap) and graffiti. It is clear that hip hop music has survived challenge and change and fought its way into the dance scene around the world. The true history of Hip Hop reaches back to much earlier influences. In the 192O’s Earl Tucker “Snake Hips” performed in venues across New York. Street Dance from the 1970’s onwards flourished. Across the United States from the ‘Boogie Down’ Bronx, New York to the ‘Beat Street’ corners of Compton, California, young people everywhere took to this new style of dancing that included such feats as breaking, popping, locking, gliding, ticking, vibrating and krumping. As funk began to change, unique forms of Hip Hop dance started to develop. Early on dance competitions started on the sidewalks of the US and today have developed into battles. Dancers evolved into “B-Boys” and formed crews. Although these battles were competitive, collaboration occurred bringing the East and West sides together.
The constant need for improvisation to create new and exciting dance steps makes Street Dance a truly fun, exciting and inspirational experience. As you have probably gathered, Street Dance can’t really be defined. You don’t have to follow any specific styles or street dance moves. This dance style allows you to create your own way through innovation and creativity. Street uses many genres and styles and it has been influenced by almost every dance that we’ve heard of and even today it continues to evolve and change. (


  Check out our Street Dance Teachers and their great weekly drop-in classes.
  Hakeem Onibudo
hakeempic About Hakeem
His vocation has enabled him to work with young people, amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals in projects varying from school workshops, TV performances, film premieres and theatre productions, from London to many global communities. Among his portfolio of work he counts a number of prestigious organisations such as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bothers and many more.XPRESS YO’SELF (Beg) & (Gen)
A Hip-Hop Dance Class which had been running for 18 years. Participants learn fresh routines dancing to an eclectic mix of music. We pride our class on a non-intimidating environment.

CLASSES ON MONDAY (18:00-19:00 & 19:00-20:00) 
P1000092-Edit - Copy About Bagsy
Bagsy has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years, teaching Hiphop and Choreography and later moved to teaching and performing in the styles of House, Locking and Waacking. Bagsy recently was awarded funding by the Art Council England to set up an important project to help in the development of the UK dance culture by bringing back knowledge and skills in the above art forms
House (Gen)
Beginning is a fun music focused warm-up with active stretching, dance drills to help condition the core, arms and footwork agility, and basics in House involving the bounce or the Jack as some might call it.
CLASS ON TUESDAY (18:00-19:00) 
  Hannah & Ryan 

Ryan and Hannah - Copy

About Hannah & Ryan
Hannah and Ryan are highly creative, bubbly and entertaining, showing a new, fun way of dance and life.

Boomdiggidy (Beg/Gen)
Their class places emphasis on musicality, dynamics, quality of movement and performance. Each song is carefully selected to enable students to focus on musical understanding, body awareness, confidence, and clear, precise executions of movement to enhance their abilities in dance.

CLASS ON TUESDAYS (19:00-20:00)
CLASS ON THURSDAYS (18:00-19:00) 

  Carlotta Arcolaci
  About Carlotta Arcolaci

Moved to London, from Italy, to live her dream and passion. After many years of training in different styles such as ballet, contemporary, modern and jazz, she is now focused on commercial, street and dancehall. A hard worker that’s motivated to achieve success. Always looking to improve herself as a person and dancer.

Heels (Dancehall Influence)

A General level class, energic and stylish for people who wants to build or improve confidence dancing in heels. The routines will be executed on a powerful and enjoyable beat, mixing commercial style into some Dancehall moves.

CLASS ON TUESDAYS (20:00-21:00)

About Nathaniel
Nathaniel SweetBoy Jones is a professional hip hop/commercial dancer & choreographer. He has worked in the industry for 10 years and danced for artists such as Beyonce, Jason Derulo, Rita Ora, Trey Songz, Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre, Stooshe, Whitney Houston & Sugababes.

H20graphy (Gen)
High energetic routine with the highest in Nu skool hip-hop style. Full of funk, flava vibe and attitude.


Basicz Street Dance (Gen)
Basicz Street Dance is a fun-filled and challenging class. Choreography is influenced by a mixture of street dance styles and music to push you to your energetic and rhythmic boundaries.

CLASS ON FRIDAYS (18:00-19:30)
  Gwen Jno-Baptiste
GJB pix - Copy About Gwen
From the age of nine Gwen trained in Ballroom and Latin dance at Goodman’s School of Dance, with Strictly Come Dancing‚ judge Len Goodman as her teacher. Gwen has since trained and gained experience in all styles of dance. Her extensive repertoire also includes: Def Jam tour with Redman, Method Man and Eric Sermon, MTV Lick Tour/Destiny’s Child album launch Writings on the Wall and many more. Every year Gwen travels to the United States to keep up to date with the new styles that are being taught out there.Street Level (Beg/Gen)
Street Level is a fun and friendly dance class, but it’s not for the faint hearted! Get ready to burn up some energy by learning great, dynamic dance routines, while building up your stamina, musicality with an extra boost of confidence.
CLASS ON SUNDAYS (13:00-14:00)
  Stuart Bishop
About Stuart
Stuart Bishop is a world-renowned choreographer, Agent and TV judge, an expert on all things dance, Stuart has been at the forefront of the dance world for the last 17 years. Stuart is the founder and director for Love Rudeye Agency, which has been casting dancers, choreographers and models daily since 2001.Hip Hop/Street with Love Rudeye Agency (Beg/Gen)
The class is fun, challenging and informative as Stuart helps beginner level dancers get to grips with Hip Hop and street style routines. Starting of with a standard warm which includes basic stretching and toning Stuart finishes off with a funky groove to complete the warm up leading into teaching the main routine.
CLASS ON SATURDAY (14:00-15:00)