Franziksa Rosenzweig
Franziksa Rosenzweig
Franziska Rosenzweig
Franziska Rosenzweig
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Holistic Ballet
Holistic Ballet keeps ballet technique at its purest form (we do not add contemporary dance movements or do Pilates at the ballet barre). However, the class structure (order of the exercises) and the exercises themselves are re-designed in such a way that your joints, muscles and soft tissue have enough time to prepare for the demanding postures and movements of ballet practice.Although the movements are not changed as such, their execution is based on principles derived from Yoga and Pilates and knowledge gained from scientific fascia research. Here are a few examples:

  •  bone stacking and working with gravity to create balanced muscle tone and alignment  vs. only pulling and lifting up
  •  using the ballet barre as a substantial support to allow equal weight placement on both legs vs. shifting the weight over the standing leg
  •  turn out is taught as a movement rather than being held or even being forced
  •  stability, balance and movement is achieved by following the spiral lines of the fascia (connective tissue) vs. tightening the muscles

This can sometimes stand in stark contrast to conventional ballet training. Yet many years of observation and experience gives us the confidence to promote this approach and to trust its benefits and effectiveness.

Beginner: You learn the fundamentals of ballet technique (posture, alignment, foot and arm positions). The exercises are kept simple and taught mainly at the barre for you to concentrate on the correct execution of the movements.

Intermediate: More the strength and coordination is needed to follow the more complex movements and combinations. The tempo of the exercises is faster and although, barre work is still a major part of the class more time is spent in the centre.

Challenging movements are explained in detail and you always have the opportunity to ask questions for clarification. Each class has a theme that will be explored over several weeks to give you the opportunity to focus on a particular technique in depth.

Pointe Work Technique
The pointe work class is suitable for beginner* and intermediate levels. We always begin with basic relevés and tendus exercises at the barre before you have the option to either advance to work in the centre or to continue to practice at the barre.

*at least one year of attending regular ballet class required


Born in Berlin, former East Germany, Franziska graduated at the top of her class from the State Ballet School Berlin, as a professional dancer in 1993. Her first contract was with the German State Opera Berlin where she was cast in soloist roles from the beginning of her career and danced the principal role in The Nutcracker in the second year of being with the company. She left Berlin to join the newly founded Peter Schaufuss Ballet in Denmark. 

In 1998, Franziska moved to London to become a freelance artist and gradually transitioned from being an active dancer to being a ballet teacher for amateur and professional dancers, whilst also training as a Gyrotonic® and Pilates instructor.

She followed invitations to guest-teach in India and prestigious European dance companies like Random Dance, Richard Alston, Ballet Prejlocaj, State Theatre Kassel (Staatstheater Kassel, Germany) and others. She assisted James D’Silva in the making of Trudi Styler’s fitness DVDs of which one is called Sculpt and Tone Ballet.

The way Franziska teaches draws on her training in the Vaganova, French and Balanchine styles, the Christina Bernal Method, as well as extensive training as a Pilates, Gyrotonic®, and Yoga instructor. This, together with her years of experience of the types of injuries that can occur in classical ballet training, has led her to develop a safe training programme called “Holistic Ballet”. This system appreciates that many students were not born with the unique physical attributes needed for classical ballet training. Holistic Ballet has proven to be highly effective in enabling students to progress and advance without the risk of injury. 

Not only amateurs but also professional ballet and contemporary dancers have found benefit in this new approach. Franziska holds regular ballet workshops to enable students to work in greater depth.

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Franziska offers private sessions in Ballet, Gyrotonic® and Pilates at her Shoreditch Studio:


Holistic Ballet: What students have to say from franziska rosenzweig on Vimeo.

Minimum age: 12 (with guardian)

Holistic Ballet
Holistic Ballet

Pointe Work

All Studio 5

Holistic Ballet

Holistic Ballet

Both Studio 10

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