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Class Description – Contemporary Flow CLASSES

Marina’s Contemporary Flow class aims to improve movement quality and body awareness, while working on technique and musicality. This class has a great emphasis on fluidity and clarity of movement as well as expressive sensibility. It explores floor work and improvisation and encourages the students to develop their own style in a safe, welcoming environment.

The ease of movement promoted by this class makes it accessible to beginners and at the same time allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries and focus on intentions of movement.


Marina is originally from Rome, where she professionally trained in Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet.

She performed in various companies across Italy and Paris before relocating to London in 2010. Here she danced for Kinisi Dance Company, Cody’s Moving Group and Embody to name a few. She is also Livio Salvi’ s assistant choreographer for G-Nome, an all male contemporary dance company, semifinalist on Got To Dance.

Her extensive experience as Dance Captain and Assistant Choreographer made her soon discover her passion for teaching and exploring her own personal style of movement.

Pilates was always part of her training, she could see it made her more centered and grounded and that it positively influenced her dancing.
Her willingness to gain a profound body awareness and to help dancers prevent injuries made her decide to become a trained STOTT Pilates instructor.


will teach 16 and upwards

Contemporary Flow
Studio 1