Martin Kelly
Martin Kelly
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  Pilates is a very precise and intelligent exercise system, where the message is ‘Quality, not Quantity’.  It can strengthen and align core postural muscles, restore your natural balance and help your mind attune to what your body needs. Quite simply, Pilates will make you feel, look and move better than you ever have before.Tone Up Pilates makes use of Pilates Resistance Ring in order to increase the intensity of exercises as well as targeting specific muscles and areas that are difficult to train. Tone Up Pilates is physical fitness system of focused exercises connecting the body and mind to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. This type of exercise suits all range of clientele: from those whose work demands too much sitting; to those who sit too little; from dancers, actors and musicians to sportspeople; from people with injuries and chronic pain to pregnant women; even to those who have never exercised before, and the list goes on.

You will see and feel the difference soon after you start the lessons – you should develop a flatter stomach, improved posture and more flexible joints. 

Tone Up Pilates
Studio 3

Minimum age 14



Martin has been passionate about Pilates for many years and it has helped him physically to sustain an international career as a musician.

Having studied with Alan Herdman for over 10 years he decided to enrol in his teacher training programme. Since graduating he has been working as a cover teacher in studios all over London from Southgate to Great Portland Street.

Having witnessed the benefits of Pilates first hand he is keen to pass on what he has learnt with care, precision and enjoyment.