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Nuno pic
Nuno Sabroso
Nuno Sabroso
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Nuno Sabroso B&W
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  Santhosh means “happiness” in Sanskrit. And that’s exactly what Santhosh classes aim to deliver! An up-tempo hour of fun – a pulse-pumping mix of dance steps and routines (salsa, cha cha, street dance and zouk) that will get those hips shaking, heart beating and endorphins racing!

Santhosh have been running dance and dance fitness classes in London and luxury dance retreats in Ibiza for over 5 years, with stellar reviews from the likes of Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, The Times, FT’s How to Spend It and many more.

Class Description

The Santhosh Dance Fitness Class is suitable for all levels and abilities, taught by the charismatic Nuno. Incorporating moves from many dance genres including Salsa, Jive, Disco, Jazz and many others. The aim is to get you moving, working out and last but not least to make you smile! All you will need is workout gear, trainers and a bottle of water. 


Teachers Bio

Nuno is a professional dancer and has been teaching Latin/Ballroom, Salsa and Jazz for almost 15 years.He has been an elite Santhosh Dance teacher for over 2 years and has taught the majority of our group classes, our dance retreats in Ibiza and undertakes many of our private dance lessons. He is a real favourite amongst our clients!

In 2018 he was main judge and choreographer on the 4th season of Dancing with the Stars, Panama.
He is the creator of the concept “Wheelchair Ballroom Dance”, teaching dance to those not able to walk.
Nuno is a born entertainer and enthusiastic teacher and really enjoys his work. As well as Latin dance, he can teach many other styles, including disco, cabaret and musical theatre.
Minimum age: 16 

Santhosh Latin Fitness 
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It’s the most fun you’ll have had in years” Conde Nast Traveller


Today’s Santhosh class really helped me. I was feeling very stressed: about the work I just started again, about the balance between work and my family, about living in a big city and how it can get under our skin. Dancing was the answer. Thanks for the joy, Santhosh!” Anne Marie B (Santhosh client)