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After a breathing based warm up to relax the body, the energy in class usually builds quickly. Working from the idea of improvisation the choreographed movement can be very organic, providing you with a free and softened approach to technique and release. The class develops into floor and corner work, in which we focus on finding ways of pushing through the floor and expanding on methods that combine power with grace and flow. This class focuses on performance qualities rather than classical techniques and is a great chance for you to express the choreography in your own unique way. The choreography is based on lyrical/free flowing movement however this doesn’t mean the body is not pushed to its full extent, parts of the class and choreography can be quick moving and theatrical, offering you a variety of texture and narrative to work from.


Sami, co founder of .identiti.co, graduated from Chichester University with a BA(hons) in Dance in 2008, followed by completing her Masters degree focusing on performance in 2009. As a member of mapdance company Sami danced for Shobana Jeyasingh, Liz Aggiss, Charles Linehan, Ben Wright and was soloist for Laila Dialo. During her time in map Sami discovered her choreographic signature, exploring the use of improvisation and the power of theatrical performance. Since then she has taught her choreography techniques and routines throughout London and her hometown Bath. Sami’s recent work has been featured on Got To Dance 2012 and she is now managed by Accelerate Agency

Minimum age: 13

Lyrical Contemporary
£7                             Studio 11

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