Use springtime and dance to gain fitness momentum

November 21, 2012

Dancer stretching at the barre at DanceworksSpring is doing its springy thing, the sun is beginning to penetrate the murky misty clouds and its beginning to feel like summer is possible again. This time of year it’s traditional to start thinking about getting fit. For some it’s a consequence of a bit more light making us feel a bit more active and wanting to harness that urge and for some it’s a building panic about what we will find under our sweaters when we pack them away for the winter.

There are lots of ways to get fitter and the most important thing is finding one that works for you, that you enjoy and that you can stick with. There are different kinds of fitness too from cardiovascular to muscular via weight loss but in one sense it can be reduced to a simple statement, “being active is good for you.” The problem is getting and staying more active.

I won’t come as a surprise that here at Danceworks we think dance is an excellent way to get and stay fitter. There are five main benefits of dance for fitness,

  1. Weight loss: Being active burns calories and put very simply burning more calories will help you lose weight.
  2. Strength: Dance isn’t going to turn you into mister or miss universe, but through using your muscles to move your body you will get stronger particularly in the all important core area.
  3. Endurance: Dance is a sustained mostly aerobic activity and as your strength increases so will your ability to dance for longer. That might mean it’s easier for you to complete a routine or a class and it might come to mean you can take more classes.
  4. Flexibility: All that newfound strength and endurance won’t do you much good if you can use it for something. Dance builds flexibility into your activity as it’s all about motion. The simple act of dancing will help you become more flexible. Though you can always hone that edge with some yoga or pilates too.
  5. Sense of well being: Like many forms of exercise dance will give you a dose of endorphins, but dance will do more for your sense of well being than a StairMaster session because you’ll be with other people doing something fun and beautiful.

Getting moving isn’t the only way to get fitter though. If you’re more comfortable with treadmills and weight machines there are lots of gyms available, but here at Danceworks we have loads of different classes that will help you get moving from straight up fitness classes like Cardioworks and Aerotone Sensation through yoga and pilates to street dance, salsa and ballet. We also offer occasional masterclasses like the extraordinary Rockin Model workout with Grace Lazenby on 12th April.

The main thing is to get moving and shake off some of the rust that might have accumulated through the winter months. Take a look at our timetable, get in touch with us or just drop in and get moving as soon as possible. Summer is coming and there’s nothing any of us can do about that.