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Full-Day Workshop

Friday 21st February 2014 



Hofesh Shechter's Sun 12 Image Gabriele Zucca      

HOFESH SHECHTER is one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists. His unique style of choreography, infused with honesty and raw physicality has won Hofesh and his Company world-wide acclaim.

Led by Hofesh Shechter Company dancers the workshop is an opportunity for dance teachers, students, and professional dancers to explore the Company’s distinctive movement style.

The workshop will include a full warm up and use repertoire and imagery from Hofesh’s most recent work, Sun, to explore his creative process.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain an insight into the work of Hofesh Shechter.

This full day workshop is open to Intermediate, advanced and professional dancers as well as dance students from full-time vocational courses, who are looking to enrich their practice and to those who have particular interest in the style of Hofesh Shechter Company’s work. Please make sure you have appropriate technical training in order to get the most out of the experience. Participants must be 18 years of age or over.

Workshop Leaders :

Winifred Burnet-Smith


Hails from: Brighton of English/French origin

Training: Arts Educational School, the Rambert School, Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes and the Rotterdam Dance Academy.

Before Hofesh Shechter Company: Winifred began her dance career with Galili Dance in the Netherlands and then with Granhoj Dans in Denmark, before returning to England to work with choreographer Tom Dale. From 2005-2007she was a member of Russell Maliphant Company touring the programme Transmission and Push. Winifred also danced with Ballet Lorent

Joined Hofesh Shechter Company:  Winifred worked on the creation of In Your Rooms and was a founding member of the Company.

For Hofesh Shechter Company: In Your Rooms, The Art of Not Looking Back, Political Mother, Political Mother: The Choreographer’s Cut, Sun

Winifred’s tweets@winsburnetsmith

         Chien Ming Chang
          Chien Ming ChangHails from: Taiwan.

Training:  Taipei National University of the Arts.

Before Hofesh Shechter Company: Cloud Gate2 in Taiwan and Bern Ballet (Stadttheater Bern) under the direction of Cathy Marston in Switzerland.

Joined the Company: In 2008 on tour in the USA , UK and mainland in Europe in Summer 2008 and re-joined the company in July 2009.

For Hofesh Shechter Company:  Uprising, In Your Rooms, Political Mother, In Good Company, Political Mother: The Choreographer’s Cut, Survivor, Sun

“The workshop taken by Winifred Burnet-Smith and Chien Ming Chang was a great experience.

The class began with a release-based warm up, this then evolved into a few more exercises which helped improve our quality of movement and fluidity within the body.

After the warm up, Winifred and Ming then taught us three different parts of Hofesh Shechter’s latest piece “Sun”. Whilst learning the new material they really helped us emphasise different aspects within the piece. They started by drawing our full attention to our palms, fingers and posture, all the while not allowing us to compromise musicality even in such a fast-paced routine; they really encouraged us to think about the emotion behind the movement. 

They are both great teachers, I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Anna – DW Staffer